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Last day in food paradise...

We had to close with another ultimate favourite that I just can't find in Mexico; PHO! 

Pronounced "Pha", this soup makes all my problems disappear and say "so long!" I just can't get enough of Vietnamese Food in general! For me, South East Asia is blessed with amazing food, and people, and landscapes, and everything. (Can you tell I love SE Asia?) 

So we went for Pho. And some noodles, and some spring rolls, and a Bahn Mi (vietnamese sandwich), and some Milk tea with bubba. FOOOOD COMAAA! 

I'm just gonna stop writing about now because I'm starving and it is not fair that I can't have all that deliciousness here in Mexico! :( If you know any vietnamese people that would like to come to Mexico and open an authentic Vietnamese restaurant, please, contact me ASAP! 

Anyway, here are the pictures! 

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