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What is more american than a BBQ on a Sunday Night Football? And what is more touristy than some margaritas at the Hard Rock Café in Hollywood? Both questions; Nothing. Therefore those were the things I had to do! 

For the BBQ we ate amazingly well marinated chicken at my uncle Huicho's house with football on the background! Some beers, chorizo, chicken and huge American flag on the backyard completed my Sunday! 

Then on Monday, after a long day walking through the city, we ended up at the movie theatre watching Interstellar on HUGE IMAX SCREEN. Pretty cool, but the best part was where we ate a huge Johnny Rockets burger with a Peanut Butter and Chocolate Milkshake before. FOOD COMA, see? It took 3 hours of the movie for us to be ready for some drinks. 

We arrived to Hollywood where at the beginning I was all "cool" and "unimpressed" with the strip. 2 minutes later I'm all touristy taking pictures with the stars and wanting to talk to every spider-man or batman's double on the street. FACEPALM. But of course we did, we went into the Hard Rock where we got some margaritas and some beers. Even though it was a Monday, there was a pretty good ambient. The last picture is a beer with an Habanero Chili Popsicle that you submerge on your beer for an extra kick. This was on a bar called Diablo on Silver Lake. 

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